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Time Delay Relay, 1 min, 10 min, 7000 Series, DPDT, 10 A

The 7012AF is a 2-pole electropneumatic on-delay Timing Relay. It provides a delay period on energization, at the end of which the switch transfers the load from one set of contacts to another. De-energizing the unit during the delay period immediately recycles the unit, readying it for another full delay period on re-energization. The Surge/Transient Protection Option protects electronic control circuits from transients and surges which are generated when the timer coil is activated. The de vice is not polarity sensitive and permits the user to initiate, delay, sequence and program equipment actions over a wide range of applications under the most severe operating conditions. The varistor has bilateral and symmetrical voltage and current characteristics.
  • Timing from 1 to 10 minutes, in linear increments
  • Oversize adjustment knobs, serrated with high-resolution markings visible from all angles
  • Inherent transient immunity
  • Auxiliary timed and instantaneous switches can be added for greater switching flexibility
  • Easy-to-reach Screw Terminals, All on the face of the Unit, Clearly Identified
  • Protect electronic control circuits from voltage transients generated by timer coil
  • Fast response to rapidly rising back EMF
  • High performance clamping voltage characteristics
  • Timer NOT polarity sensitive